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Welcome to HyperMusic – the pinnacle of virtual concert experiences. Where the vibrancy of music meets the limitless horizons of the metaverse. Dive into immersive concerts within some of the world’s most beloved digital universes, including Fortnite, Roblox, and more.

Redefining the Concert Experience

Gone are the days of passive viewing. At HyperMusic, you're at the heart of the action. Engage with artists, influence the performance, and be an active part of the world's most dynamic virtual concerts.

Experience interactivity

Engage with performances like never before. Cast votes, request encores, and even engage directly with artists in Q&A sessions.


We are constantly working to bring new updates and features to HyperMusic, such as:
Artist-Driven Adventures
From high-speed races through virtual terrains designed by your favorite bands
to treasure hunts inspired by song lyrics, join in thrilling events crafted by artists themselves.
Real-time Song Lyrics & Trivia
Dive deeper into each song with interactive lyrics, fun facts, and trivia popping up, enhancing your connection to the music.
Collaborative Visual Shows
Team up with other attendees to
trigger visual effects, pyrotechnics, and light shows that sync with the music, making each concert unique.

And so much more...

Upcoming experiences

"Ozuna takes Fortnite by storm: Dive into a pulsating musical realm like no other!"
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